Pumpkin Pie Quest Bar : Review

By Andrew Ly | Keto Foods

Nov 22
Pumpkin Pie Quest Bar Review

Quest Nutrition recently released their newest flavor of protein bars, just in time for the holiday season! The pumpkin pie quest bar is only being sold for a limited amount of time, unlike the other bars, which is why I had to grab a few and give them a try before it was too late.

Canadian Thanksgiving has already passed, but you lucky Americans can still enjoy some delicious, keto friendly pumpkin pie dessert along with the rest of your family.

Pumpkin Pie Quest Bar Review

Pumpkin Pie Quest Bar Protein

The pumpkin pie flavored Quest bar is quite unique compared to the other Quest flavors. It’s completely coated with an orange, pumpkin flavored “icing”. It has a slight hint of pumpkin flavor to it, although it is kind of lost among all of the other spices within the bar.

Underneath that creamy pumpkin icing, there’s a layer of graham cracker crust, which tastes like a blend of nuts (possibly pecans?). This adds some nice texture to every bite of the bar. Unlike the other protein bars, you get a nice crunchy texture that compliments the softer, chewy texture of the protein bar itself. Speaking of chewiness, I noticed that the pumpkin pie bar has a much softer texture when compared to the other Quest flavors. The sticky protein bar itself is not as dense, and is even lighter than the Mint Chocolate Chunk Quest Bar.

Flavorwise, I say it’s definitely one of the better tasting protein bars. All of Quest’s newest releases have been spot on, with their three newest releases (S’mores, Mint Chocolate and Pumpkin Pie),  being in my top five list (along with the classic Cookie Dough and Cookies and Cream). The flavors are pretty mellow, but you can instantly recognize the two main flavors of your traditional pumpkin pie, pumpkin and cinnamon. You do taste a bit of an aftertaste from the artificial sweeteners, but you can always just keep eating them to avoid that!

You can see what the inside of the bar looks like in this picture I took. While I would have loved to film myself eat one of these for you guys, I did not have the patience to do it as I devoured it within seconds…Pumpkin-Pie-Quest-Bar-Revie

This bar is a little bit different from your other Quest Bars in terms of macro nutrients. These bars have about 3g extra fat in them, which is more than welcome if you’re on a ketogenic diet, but they’re also an extra 20 calories more when compared to the other flavors. These also contain an extra 1g net carb which again, isn’t a huge deal, but those who are just starting out their keto diets may want to avoid these when trying to strictly stay under 20g carbs a day.


Overall, I’d say that these pumpkin pie Quest bars are absolutely delicious and they’re definitely worth a try! I know I always get a little moody around the holidays, thinking about all of my favorite festive desserts that I’ll have to avoid to stick to my diet. These bars are a nice little keto friendly snack that will help curb some of those cravings without completely throwing you off of your diet.

Rating: 4.5/5

Like all other Quest Bars, Quest Nutrition has posted some cool recipes that you can easily make with their protein bars. Check out their pumpkin pie tarts if you’re interested in a more ‘authentic’ pumpkin pie experience.

Unfortunately, these are only being sold for a limited time, so order your Pumpkin Pie Quest Bars online today before they’re all gone! If you’re still craving pumpkin pie but you’ve missed your chance to order these, why not try baking a low carb pumpkin pie!?


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