Quick & Easy Low Carb, Low Calorie Snacks

By Andrew Ly | Keto Foods

May 07
Low Carb Low Calorie Snacks for Keto

Snacking can help keep you sane while changing up your diet so drastically. The challenging part with most keto-friendly snacks is that they’re also very calorie dense (nuts, cheese and meats). With that in mind, I was on a mission to find myself  low carb, low calorie snacks that I wouldn’t regret indulging in.

While keto is generally seen as a great way to lose weight, you should still be mindful of your calorie intake or you may find yourself hitting a weight loss stall (not maintaining an overall caloric deficit).

I know when I first started off my diet, I’d be eating at all hours of the night and wake up feeling bloated and slightly demotivated. Weight loss is definitely a mental challenge, which is why it was so important for me to keep my mindset on track.

I compiled a list of some of my favourite low calorie and low carb snacks that helped me throughout my weight loss journey and kept me sane!

My Favourite Low Calorie Keto Snacks


Savory Low Carb & Low Calorie Snacks

Are you in that dreaded time period between dinner and lunch? Are you prepping your dinner but your roast will need another hour before it’s complete? Here are some quick and savory snacks you can find or whip up that will help keep you satiated until you get to your next meal.

Egg Drop Soup

egg drop soup low calories

While this isn’t exactly portable, it definitely is delicious and light!

When you first get symptoms of the keto-flu or have a headache, it may mean that you need to replenish your electrolytes which drinking broth can help with.

To make this, all you have to do is bring your choice of broth to a boil (for ease, you can just use a bouillon cube – just make sure they don’t have added sugars!) and then slowly drip in a beaten egg so it forms little egg strands within the soup.

One whole egg will net you roughly 80 calories and the broth itself should be near 0, making it a nice and warm choice to curb your food cravings.


keto snack pickles

Who doesn’t love a good pickle?

These can be a great sweet, sour and savory snack all in one! A whole pickle (depending on the size) is under 5 calories and equivalent to about 1g of carbohydrates.

I find it hard to over eat pickles since usually just 1 or 2 will satisfy my cravings. They also pack quite a bit of volume, making them rather filling and great for curbing hunger cravings without all the calories!

Do be mindful of the nutrition labels since some brands may contain higher sugar content for the pickling liquids.

Canned Tuna, Fish & Chicken

keto diet light calorie snack

If you just want some quick protein without feeling like you’ve eating a full meal, I would highly recommend keeping some canned tuna or chicken on deck.

These are a great low carb budget snack, especially when they’re on sale (load up your pantry!).

You can simply eat them straight from the can or mix in a bit of mayonnaise for a quick tuna salad. I love the lemon and pepper tuna but the plain is definitely a staple.

One of my go to low carb snacks is a can of chicken breast mixed with a serving of mayonnaise and served inside of a romaine lettuce leaf!

Each can is only approximately 60 calories, so you can keep it below 100 depending on what you have with your canned meats!

Vegetables & Dip

Keto Healthy Snack Veggie Dip

This one is pretty common, but shouldn’t be overlooked! Having some nice raw veggies on hand can come in a pinch. I love to have raw broccoli, cauliflower, cucumbers and celery readily available to snack on.

The veggies will be low in calorie so it’s primarily the delicious dip that you use which will contribute to your calorie count. If you’re not sure which veggies you should munch on, then check out this list of keto-friendly vegetables!


Sweet Low Carb & Low Calorie Snacks

Did you just finish your keto dessert but you’re still craving more sweets? Or maybe you just finished your last meal and you want a little treat but you’re worried about going over your calorie count? These are 3 sweet snacks that are both low in carbs and calories that you may want to keep handy!

Sugar Free Jello Packs

Sugar Free Jello Calories for Keto

These are a life saver! Whenever I’m having a late night sweet tooth, this is my go to snack.

While eating at night isn’t necessarily detrimental to your weight loss, I personally don’t want to fill my stomach with extra calories right before bed. The jello is a light snack which is only 5-10 calories per serving!

Depending on the brand you get, it’ll usually either be 1g of protein or 1g of carbs, but the volume of the gelatinous goodness always leaves me feeling satisfied.

I personally love Snack Pack’s jello packs as I find they taste extra juicy and are less rubbery feeling. I’m also pretty lazy at times and find these to be great in a pinch!

Alternatively, you can always just buy the boxed jello mixes and prepare your own and store them in some Tupperware.

Dark Chocolate (70% and up)

keto light snacks

That’s right! You can still eat chocolate without breaking your macros on a ketogenic diet.

While I don’t advise you go and eat a whole bar in one sitting, 1 or two squares can keep you satisfied without being too heavy on the calories or the carbs.

I personally prefer either Lindt’s 85% dark chocolate or Ghirardelli’s 86% Dark & Intense Squares. Both of these net 9g carbs per serving (or just over 2g of carbs per square), but if you can brace 90% and above, then by all means go for it!

Since a serving is a bit over 200 calories, I try to limit myself to just 1 or 2 squares when I have a sweet craving so it doesn’t make a huge dent on my calorie intake for the day.

Low Carb Chocolate Milk

zero calorie chocolate milk

So I recently discovered that Hershey’s actually makes their own line of sugar free syrups!

While they aren’t quite the same as the original, they’re a decent substitution and only have 1g of net carbs per serving!

All you have to do is mix a serving of the strawberry or chocolate flavored syrup with your choice of low carb milk and you have a delicious, sweet treat for typically under 50 calories!

They do contain a decent amount of sugar alcohols, so you may want to read up and understand how they may affect your body and diet.

What Other Low Calorie & Low Carbohydrate Snacks are Out There?

I only listed 7 of my go to snacks, but I know there are plenty more out there! Share your ideas and what you like to snack on to avoid over consuming on calories.



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