Low Carb Noodle Substitute

7 Low Carb Noodle Substitutes

It doesn’t matter where you came from, chances are you’ve grown up on some form of pasta, spaghetti, noodles, vermicelli, you name it! Noodles are such a staple in almost every culture’s diet, but obviously don’t mesh with a keto lifestyle.

It’s hard to enjoy all the fine cuisine out there when your carb intake is restricted. Luckily, there are a ton of great low carb alternatives to noodles, allowing you to enjoy your favorite dishes with a keto-spin to it!

Keto Noodle Alternatives

Spaghetti Squash

Keto Pasta Alternative

If you need something to smother in marinara sauce, look no further. What I like about the squash is its ability to absorb flavor of whatever sauce I’m using. Since it is a vegetable, don’t expect the noodle strands to come out al dente. I’d say spaghetti squash is the best substitute if you’re looking for an italian dish!

The squash is simple to prepare, but takes a bit of time. All you have to do is cut the squash in half, roast in an oven, let it cool, and then tear out noodle like strands with a fork. Before you know it, you’ll have a bowl full of easy and delicious keto noodles!

For more detailed instructions on how to prepare the squash, check out this link.

Zucchini Pasta

Low Carb Noodle Alternatives

Zucchini is another vegetable that can be used for noodle dishes. Using a vegetable peeler, or spiral slicer, you can cut the zucchini into thin strands for a spaghetti substitute.

Alternatively, you can cut them into slices and use them as the “noodle” layer of lasagna dishes. Here’s a great low carb lasagna recipe from Skinny Taste.

If you’re not a fan of zucchini, you can also substitute eggplant slices for your keto lasagna.

Bean Sprouts

Ever crave a big bowl of Vietnamese pho? Bean Sprouts are already a staple garnish for the rich broth, but why not add even more as a replacement for the rice noodles? While the texture and taste certainly don’t come close to rice noodles, bean sprouts are a low carb alternative that will add more volume to the dish!

Shredded Cabbage

I’m personally not a fan of cabbage, but shredded cabbage can be an alternative to your noodles. Fry off some cabbage in the frying pan and then top it off with your favorite sauce and meats. Sure it might not have the same texture or shape of noodles, but they serve as a healthier alternative.

Soybean Noodles

Keto SpaghettiI’ve only seen these in a few Asian supermarkets, sometimes labeled as “tofu noodles”. They aren’t the most keto friendly substitute, having around 5-10 net carbs per serving, but you can consume it in moderation. I recommend boiling them for a few minutes before serving. The noodles have a rough texture to them, but I feel that it fits well with soup based dishes. If you don’t have an Asian supermarket near you, you can order them on Amazon.

Be careful with your portions for these noodles though, since too many carbs can lead to plateaus in your weight loss!

Shirataki Noodles

Keto Pasta Substitute

Made from konjac yam, these noodles have a gelatinous texture and are often shaped like noodles. The nutritional value of konjac consists almost entirely of fiber, making the net carb count close to zero. Not only will they fill you up, but they’ll barely add any calories to your diet, making them a great substitute to carby noodles!

They’re made in a variety of shapes, ranging from small glass noodles, rice noodles, and even macaroni shaped noodles. With such a wide selection, you can make a variety of common dishes keto friendly! I personally love to use them in asian style cooking (stir-fry and “ramen” dishes).

Be aware that these noodles don’t absorb much flavor, and you may want to season your sauces or soups well!

When preparing shirataki noodles, all you have to do is drain the package, and rinse the noodles under warm water before cooking it. A common complaint with these noodles is that they carry a fishy odor. I find that the odor has no actual effect on the taste, and the smell disappears after cooking.

You can find these amazing noodles in just about any Asian supermarket, or order them off of Amazon!

Kelp Noodles

Low Carb Kelp Noodles

I had to update the list after my latest discovery of kelp noodles! For a direct substitute I’d rank this up there with the shirataki noodles, without the fishy odor that many find repulsive. Being made from kelp, water and sodium alginate, these all natural noodles are an excellent source calcium, iron vitamin K and fiber.

These kelp noodles hold their shape well, but do carry a bit of a crunchy or squeaky texture (imagine seaweed sort of). which can be a bit off putting. However, they have a more neutral flavor and can be paired well with any sauce or marinara, making them an excellent filler for your meals.

All you have to do is rinse the noodles and then boil or toss them with your favorite sauce and they’re ready to serve!

Each serving is an astounding 6 calories only, making them an amazing addition to increase the volume of your meals.

There you have 7 great alternatives for noodles when it comes to low carb dieting! Sure, none of these will taste exactly like pasta, but you can still enjoy your favorite dishes, just without the noodles. Who knows, maybe you’ll discover that you like the alternative version even better!

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